January 1st, 2011

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Safer With Her

Well, it's years after the fact, but in case anyone stumbles over this community, here's a sequel I wrote to Hubris.

Author’s Note: The story is meant to address how the battle of New Caprica might have gone had Helena Cain still been alive. It’s a sequel to an earlier fic, Hubris, an AU in which the budding civil war in mid Season Two between Galactica and Pegasus was averted, and Cain was imprisoned aboard the Galactica, where she has remained for a year, waiting for her war to come back to her.

Characters: Helena Cain, Bill Adama, Lee Adama, Dee, Cat, Peter Laird, Racetrack

Rating: PG? Some violence, no sex

Spoilers: through early Season 3.

Word Count: 3450

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