Fic: Past the Red Line Part 2

This is a fic that _usakeh_ and I are working on together about the Resistance group on New Caprica led by Admiral Cain. I will link this post to her previous post, so you can easily see Part 1.

Title: Past the Red Line Part 2

Author: Millari
Rating: PG-13
One honest-to-god curse word besides "frak".
The resistance group led by Admiral Cain makes plans. Anders and Tyrol have some doubts.

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Here's the link to Part 1

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Hello, gentle readers!

Welcome to So Say We All, the AU canonverse for Battlestar Galactica season three. You’re probably here because you’ve taken a look at the stories we have up so far, and you’re interested in seeing where we go from here. Well, rest assured, we do have a plan, and we’ll be trying to give you some quality plot as well as some quality drama and character development, with a good dash of romance on the side.

Most of us here have tremendous respect for first and second season BSG canon – we just feel that third season took the show in a different direction than we were expecting, and we want to experiment with that direction, for ourselves. Some of this fic might be unorthodox; some of it you might disagree with. Most of what we’re writing is at least implied by canon, and what little isn’t, we do for a reason.

Again, this is a collaboration of writers, and if anyone watching is interested in writing, odds are we’re going to let you join the community – so you can see all our juicy canon posts so far.

Do you have any questions or comments on the SSWA canon or plotlines thus far that don't really fit as comments to specific fics? Is there anything that you, as a reader, want to know or want us to know? Also, is there something the show did or didn’t do that you’d like to see?

If so, tell us! Comments to this post are totally open, and we’d love to hear from you. Comment anonymously if you wish; we won’t bear any grudges against criticism, though flamers will be banned (of course).