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So Say We All

the shape of things to come

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The Rules

1. This community is devoted exclusively to stories, discussions and graphics based on the So Say We All (SSWA) universe. If you want to post things relating to the actual BSG canon, check out another community. There are plenty of other ones out there!
2. While writing, please do your best to stick to SSWA canon. If something has yet to be explored, you can go ahead and come up with your own ideas. If somebody has already come up with their own version, though, do not contradict it.
3. IF YOU END YOUR SENTENCES WITH DANGLING PREPOSITIONS, YOU WILL BE SUMMARILY EXECUTED. Just kidding! That being said, we're all fans of the English language in this community. We do not like to see it abused. So please take the time to at least spell-check your work and proofread in order to eliminate basic grammatical mistakes. If you make errors here and there, that's totally understandable. We all do! If you show that you don't give a damn about trying to reduce the number of these errors, that's not cool.
4. We love constructive criticism. We do not love flaming. Let's be civil here, folks!
5. Have fun!

Membership in this community is CLOSED. Membership must be requested from the moderators, and ONLY THOSE WHO WANT TO WRITE will be allowed to join. This isn't because we want to exclude people; rather, it is due to the fact that all canon and continuity discussion posts are flocked inside the community and we don't want to spoil our readers!

To become a writer, you must e-mail the moderators --- that is, usakeh and cerebel --- and provide us with an explanation of why you want to write with us and a link to one of your stories so that we can check it out. We will subsequently send you an invitation to join the community.

If you simply want to read our stories, on the other hand, all you have to do is friend the community. We very much hope that you will indeed do this; the more readers, the merrier! Do try to give our writers feedback if you choose to read along, though, as they love it so.

If you want to get started reading, here's a list of all stories in the community so far:

1: Hubris: Part 1, Part 2 - Helena Cain, Various. PG-13. By wyrdwritere.

New Caprica
1: Occupation - Ensemble. PG-13. By cerebel.
2: Higher Purpose - Helena Cain, Original Character. PG-13. By usakeh.
3: The President's Man - Felix Gaeta, Laura Roslin, Doc Cottle. PG. By rap541.
4: Past the Red Line - Ensemble, with a focus on the Resistance. PG-13. By usakeh and millari.

The Fleet
1: He Shall, From Time To Time - Ensemble. PG. By cerebel.
2: Out Of Balance - Helo Agathon, Tom Zarek, Sharon Agathon. R. By cerebel.
3: Turning Point - Peter Laird, Lee Adama, Racetrack Edmondson. PG-13. By cerebel.

Last but not least, check out our affiliates:
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